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Karyn Overstreet is a Broadway Experienced Master Vocal Coach based in San Diego, CA


Karyn Overstreet Vocal Studio welcomes and includes all people regardless of race, socio-economic class, color, national origin, religion, diverse perspective, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or expression, neurological or physical ability, body type, veteran status, legal status, or educational level.

Develop the technique of your voice and find your authentic voice

Coaching and Training for Powerful & Inspirational Speaking for Ted Talks, Hosting, Public Speaking, and Sales


Learn How to Grow and Scale Your Voice & Speech Business

Work with Karyn and Current Industry Professionals to Train and Connect in College and Career


Mentoring Sound & Look to Create the Artist as a Business. Developing Songs That Are on Point with Your Brand.

Mentoring and Preparing Clients for Career and College Auditions




“Working the Karyn is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Her sessions are fun and efficient and within one rehearsal, she was able to identify the breath work and techniques I needed to work on to find my purest sound. Within a month, I had discovered a whole new range of opportunity with my voice and no longer felt like I was straining to reach notes. I am eternal grateful to learn from a master like Karyn and I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their sound and performance.”


- Singer Jesse Anton Gawlik

"Choosing Karyn Overstreet as a vocal coach was probably one of the best decisions in my performing career. She has transformed my voice by making it stronger and I continue to learn so much from every lesson. She is an ecstatic teacher, who supports and uplifts in her studio, always with the biggest smile. She is truly your #1 fan. If you're looking to rise above in terms of technique, vocal power and agility, and incredible song selection, Karyn Overstreet is the one to get you there."

-Singer Bryn Frazee

New York University


Clients who have been on The Voice & American Idol


Sade Frame |  Season 4 of American Idol


Lindsay Joan |  Season 20 of The Voice

Durrell Anthony |  Season 20 of The Voice

 Sound Advice

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