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Karyn Overstreet is a Broadway Experienced Master Vocal Coach based in San Diego, CA

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Karyn is currently only coaching virtually via Zoom.

Develop the technique of your voice and find your authentic voice

Coaching and Training for Powerful & Inspirational Speaking for Ted Talks, Hosting, Public Speaking, and Sales


Learn How to Grow and Scale Your Voice & Speech Business

Work with Karyn and Current Industry Professionals to Train and Connect in College and Career


Mentoring Sound & Look to Create the Artist as a Business. Developing Songs That Are on Point with Your Brand.

Mentoring and Preparing Clients for Career and College Auditions




“Working the Karyn is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Her sessions are fun and efficient and within one rehearsal, she was able to identify the breath work and techniques I needed to work on to find my purest sound. Within a month, I had discovered a whole new range of opportunity with my voice and no longer felt like I was straining to reach notes. I am eternal grateful to learn from a master like Karyn and I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their sound and performance.”


- Singer Jesse Anton Gawlik

"Choosing Karyn Overstreet as a vocal coach was probably one of the best decisions in my performing career. She has transformed my voice by making it stronger and I continue to learn so much from every lesson. She is an ecstatic teacher, who supports and uplifts in her studio, always with the biggest smile. She is truly your #1 fan. If you're looking to rise above in terms of technique, vocal power and agility, and incredible song selection, Karyn Overstreet is the one to get you there."

-Singer Bryn Frazee


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Lindsay Joan joins Season 20 of The Voice

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